A continuous improvement process with no end

The basic principle of KAIZEN as a management tool is to inspire all employees for a continuous, never-ending improvement process and to cultivate their creativity. The Japanese word KAIZEN comes from the words KAI = change and ZEN = good (for the better). More common in English speaking areas is the expression "Continuous Improvement Process".

KAIZEN is a process-orientated attitude. It represents the goals and fundamental behavior patterns during daily working life. The main goal is to increase the added value in all areas of a company and to reduce waste (Muda). The most important instruments for exercising Kaizen are:

  • TQM = Total Quality Management
  • JIT = Just In Time
  • TPM = Total Productive Management

In the year1996 Kaizen was introduced to KB RollerTech with the support of  Mr. Tominaga. Mr. Tominaga was one of the founders of the JIT Institute Germany. He and Mr. Imai are called "KAIZEN-Gurus".

In 1997 Kaizen was officially integrated into the organizational structure of KB RollerTech. KB RollerTech is an official partner of the Kaizen Institute Europe since 2004. Several employees of KBRT have been educated and graduated as KAIZEN-Coach or -manager. KB RollerTech frequently acts as a partner for the KAIZEN institute and participates on benchmark tours. 

Our contact for all Kaizen related topics:

Rolf Könen
Manager Production and Kaizen-Manager
Tel.: +49 (0)2273 942-141
E-Mail: rkoenen@kbrt.de