Silicone Sponges

For many years KB RollerTech has processed silicone sponges which meet the highest quality standards. The most important advantages are:

  • very low thermal conductivity (< 0.1 W/mK)
  • relatively low weight compared to solid elastomers
  • high compression capability compared to solid elastomers

Electrically conductive properties are also possible. After grinding the silicone foam sponge, additional coatings can be applied, such as solid silicone and/or fluoro-polymers.

Because of the above-mentioned properties, rollers with silicone sponges are often used to achieve extremely wide fusing nips. The small percentage of material also offers cost advantages compared to rollers with solid silicone coatings.

Properties of Silicone Sponges:

Properties Unit Range Tolerances / Remarks
Hardness Asker C 10 - 65 depending on roller configuration
Volume resistivity Ω*cm cond. 1E3 - 1E6 -
non-cond. > 1E12 -
Compression set % < 20 at 22 hrs., 100°C and 25% deformation
Density g / cm³ 0.35 - 0.9 -
Coating thicknesses mm 1 - 8 -