Silicone Elastomers (VMQ)

One material, many applications

Thanks to our well-established, close contacts with worldwide leading manufacturers of silicone elastomers, KB RollerTech possesses a wide range of materials. HTV/LSR/RTV silicones are processed in a hardness range of 3-70 Shore A.

For applications in printers and copiers, silicone elastomers with a low compression set (< 10%) at high temperatures are the first choice. The thermal conductivity can be adjusted in a range of 0.2 - 1.2 W/mK. Electrically conductive mixtures complete our exceptional range of available materials with the following properties:

  • permanent temperature resistivity of up to 230°C
  • excellent anti-adhesive properties
  • low compression set
  • low surface energy, isolating
  • physiologically harmless, ozone-resistant
  • high resilience at compression under temperature

Furthermore, silicone elastomers can be used in many different production processes. KB RollerTech has extensive experience in this areas:

  • Extrusion
  • Blade coating
  • Axial coating
  • Spray coating