Polyimide tube for Industrial Application

Transport belt for Inkjet Application, 3D-Printing or Marking and Coding

On Special machines, designed by KB RollerTech, we can manufacture seamless Tubes and Sleeves by Polyimide. These products have a superior heat and chemical resistance.

Such belts could be cutted or even perforated by laser systems.

Every function requires very specific characteristics:

  • Perfect, defect free surface.
  • Tight tolerances of Diameter, length, width and surface roughness.
  • Compounded with fillers to support Special characteristics like electrical- or thermal conductivity, or low friction.
  • Can be coated with antiandhesive materials like Silicones or Fluorpolymers.

KB Roller Tech's capabilities:

  • Diameter up to 500mm
  • Width up to 2000mm
  • Thickness 30-160 µm (tolerance ± 10 %)
  • Surface / Volume resistivity between 1E4 and 1E14 Ω/square // Ω*cm
  • Thermal conductivity between 0.2 and 1.6 W/(m*K)