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Welcome to KB RollerTech

Your Specialist for Coatings with Clean Room Production

KB RollerTech is the strategic development partner for machine manufacturers worldwide. Thanks to our presence in the USA, Europe and Asia, we offer our customers first-class service. We provide customized solutions to satisfy the unique requirements of digital printer designs.

Our product lines focus on transfer and fusing in toner-based electrophotographic digital printers. Today KB RollerTech manufactures over two million parts annually between its two production sites in Germany and Thailand. Due to our innovative and powerful R&D team, today’s product lines go beyond the production of classic heater and fuser rollers.

Development Competencies:

  • high tech key components for fusing and image transfer for digital printing
  • Innovative Coatings
    • in high temperature applications
    • for anti-adhesive surfaces
    • with elastic, oil, and acid-resistant properties
    • using combinations of elastomers, thermoplastics, and high-performance plastics