Fluoro-elastomers (FPM, FKM)

Fluoro-elastomers are the alternative material to silicone elastomers when in addition to high thermal conductivity, a good swell resistance is also needed. It offers an excellent swell resistance against many chemicals such as aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, hence it also includes all silicone and mineral oils. KB RollerTech usually processes fluoro-elastomers as sheets. However, injection molding and dipping processes are also possible.

Fluoro-elastomer Properties:

Properties Unit Range
Thermal conductivity W / (m*K) 0.2 - 1.3
Hardness Shore A / Jis A 45 - 85
Electrical conductivity Ω, Ω*cm, Ω/cm, Ω/□ möglich
Compression set (24h/200°C) % ≤ 30
Tensile strength N/mm² ≤ 15
Elongation at break % 100 - 300
Density g / cm³ 2.0 - 2.2
Coating thicknesses mm 0,05 - 10


Fluoro-rubber can be applied as sheets (0.5 - 2 mm) as well as liquid dispersions in an injection molding process with coating thicknesses of 30 - 60 µm.

Fluoro-silicones in different grades of fluorination and hardnesses are processed as LSR and are usually used for oiling, donor or metering rollers.