Coating substrates

KB RollerTech coats rotationally symmetric substrates (usually cores, shafts, hollow cores and sleeves) out of various materials. The following substrates can be coated:

  • Steel and alumium shaft
  • Steel tube cores, friction welded or standard welded
  • Aluminum cores, swaged or friction welded
  • Aluminum cores with friction welded stainless steel journals
  • Aluminum profiles
  • Aluminum profiles with steel journals
  • Stainless steel belts with up to 30 µm wall thickness
  • Nickel belts with up to 30 µm wall thickness

All steel cores (shafts and hollow cores) can be produced with nickel plated, browned or phosphated surface. Furthermore, all cores can be produced with concave or convex geometries.

The coating substrates in detail: