Our Responsibilities - Your Advantage

The ideal material

For decades KB RollerTech has partnered with internationally renowned manufacturers of elastomers and fluoro-polymers. These relationships provide us with access to special compounds before they become commercially available. Through these close cooperations and the use of innovative materials we are able to provide continuous quality improvement resulting in reliable, long-life products.

Efficient processes

While consistent quality and strictly controlled materials are essential, it is equally important to develop a stable manufacturing process that is custom designed for each unique product. These processes are developed in-house by our engineering team in order to explore the best options in a highly focused pilot production mode. When fine-tuned, the processes are meticulously transferred to full production teams in Germany or Thailand.

Trust - KB RollerTech`s OEM Development Partnership

Since day one we have been a trusted development partner with major copier and printer manufacturers. Our German-Japanese development team is dedicated to joining forces with our customers’ R&D teams. Working with international and multidisciplinary development teams is our daily business, as well as transferring successful projects into efficient mass production. This defines our path forward resulting in innovation and quality of the highest levels.