Customized Production Processes

Industry´s demand for an increasing variety of material properties and coating substrates means that vendors need more flexible production equipment. For quite some time, standard production processes such as powder coating, spray coating, blade coating or calendering have been insufficient to meet the newer, more stringent requirements.

Coating thicknesses become thinner and surfaces become smoother. Often different coating materials need to be combined in order to meet our customer´s requirements (so-called sandwich coatings).

For this reason, KB RollerTech often develops and assembles customized production equipment 'in house'. Other machines are bought from external specialized vendors, modified according to our specifications. One example is our sophisticated CNC grinding machines which enable us to produce concave or convex roller geometries within very tight tolerances.

  • Spray coating
  • Injection molding
  • Extrusion
  • Axial coating
  • Blade coating
  • Calendering
  • Strip casting
  • CNC grinding