The program: energy efficiency

KB Roller Tech’s internal project “KB Green” was founded 2006. It was initiated in response to high-energy costs and because of our desire to protect our natural resources. Since 2016 KBRT is certified according to ISO 50001. The Kaizen philosophy and methods we selected to realize this certification are as follows:

One Example: Minimizing daily peaks of electricity and gas consumption

In 2006 the daily peak of electricity consumption increased by 33% over the previous year. So KBRT had to initiate countermeasures. We developed a special distributing regulator which had to be connected to all major electricity consumers within the plant. This enabled us to set max-levels and tolerances for each machine connected with an automatic off switch. The savings realized during the first year (see chart 1) provided full payback of the system cost.

This system has also recently been adopted to cut KB Roller Tech’s peak gas usage. Another highlight was the installation of an engine valve in our steam pipeline. The challenge involved a long pipeline from the steam generator to the end-use machines. The pipeline was constantly under pressure even when steam was not required. The KB Roller Tech solution was to reconnect all end-use machines so that the engine valve opens at the start of use and closes when it is switched off. Steam consumption was cut to a minimum (see chart 2).