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41. Rollers for Highspeed Printing  
Rollers with silicone-rubber coating for the use in industrial high-speed printing-applications.  
42. Fuser rollers with soft and thin coatings  
Rollers with robust metal-cores for use in high-performance industrial print-applications.  
43. Coated Metal Fuser Belts  
Thin metal-belts with silicone-rubber coating for use in fixing-units of digital printers.  
44. Polyimide Belts  
Endless belts/tubes made of high-performance polymers.  
45. Transfer Belts and Rollers  
Endless tubes and rollers for image transfer units in modern digital printing devices.  
46. Silicone Oil and Roller Cleaning Agents  
Silicone oils and chemical derivates for cleaning and operation of digital printing units.  
47. Transport and Drive Rollers  
Rollers for transport of the coated/printed materials.  
48. Fuser-/Pressure Rollers and Belts.  
Heater and pressure rollers for fusing systems.  
49. Kaizen  
KB RollerTech is the strategic development partner with machine manufacturers worldwide. Thanks to our presence in the USA, Europe and Asia we offer our customers first-class service. We provide customized solutions to satisfy the unique requirements of digital printer designs.  
50. Sitemap  
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