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31. Contact  
Excellent communication is the base of our success.  
32. Coating substrates  
KB RollerTech delivers the coating for your roller. However it may look like.  
33. Production Processes  
KB RollerTech owns first class technologies. If we don´t got it, you don´t need it.  
34. High Performance Plastics  
KB RollerTech delivers polyimide-based materials with unique properties.  
35. Fluoro-polymers - PFA  
Perfluoroalkoxylalkane copolymers are sourced by chemical companies from all over the world.  
36. Fluoro-elastomers (FPM, FKM)  
Choose between KB RollerTech's broad spectrum of fluorine-substituted elastomers.  
37. Silicone Elastomers (VMQ)  
KB RollerTech's silicone-rubber systems (Vinyl-Methyl-Silicones = VMQ's).  
38. Materials  
This is a summary of KB RollerTech´s broad spectrum of input materials.  
39. Pressure rollers with silicone sponges  
Rollers with foamed and non-foamed silicone-rubber coatings.  
40. Rollers with solid silicone/PFA coatings  
Rollers with bulk-silicone and anti-adhesive properties.  
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