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21. RoHS and REACH  
A diligent handling of input materials as well as auxiliary materials is a priority for us.  
22. Reuse of used metal cores and belts  
We can recycle and reuse metal cores. This protects the environment as well as your wallet.  
23. KB America  
Distribution and customer support for the Americas.  
24. KB Systems Thailand  
Technical scale production under cleanroom 1000 conditions in Asia.  
25. KB RollerTech Germany  
New product development and ramp-up to technical scale-production in the heart of Europe.  
26. KB Green  
Here at KBRT economy and ecology are walking hand-in-hand.  
27. Quality Assurance and Kaizen  
Customer satisfaction is our key-driver. Quality-Assurance and Kaizen help us to deliver.  
28. Formation and Facts  
Our roots are like our business: International  
29. Core Competencies  
We are experts in chemistry, product-development as well as process-optimization.  
30. Clean Room Production  
Class 1000 cleanroom production available.  
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