Silicone Oil and Roller Cleaning Agents

High speed professional printing machines use silicone oil in the fusing assembly for toner release and to add gloss to the printout. These systems can be found in color as well as monochrome printers. Besides environmental safety, the following properties are important:

  • Thermal stability
  • Tightly specified viscosity
  • Very low volatile content
  • Chemical purity
  • Functionally designed (amino or mercapto modified)

Roller Cleaning Agents

Toner particles and paper dust accumulate on fuser rollers over time in toner-based printing processes. This can result in image quality defects and shortened life of fusing components. Periodic cleaning with “Clean Protect” ensures a safe and thorough removal of any residue on the roller surface. Unlike alternative chemical cleaning substances, “Clean Protect” preserves sensitive roller surfaces, ensures defect-free printouts, and promotes longer fuser roller life.

Our product is safe and effective. This cleaning solution is applied manually and has minimal health risks as well as having a low impact on the environment.